About Us

Approached by the CIA to build a spaceship for exploration of Uranus, we used our top-level resources instead to invent a new way to party and make friends.

Turn down for what?

How it Works

Joining the club is free and easy. Start by uploading five favorite photos of yourself.

Next, add photos to shared party albums. Be careful! Once you add a photo to a party album it is public forever.

We understand that community photo sharing is something kinda new. To get you warmed up, we created community “party albums” such as Sunday Funday and Warriors (Stephen Curry is on fire!!!) Start sharing photos in these albums to get a feel for the site.

Sharing is caring. If you think you look cute in a friend’s photo, use the share button to add it to your profile.

Browse the party page for upcoming parties. You can view party details and check out other members who are going. Once you buy your ticket you can attach your profile to the party page. Whoop der it is!

Browse the member profiles to see what everyone is up to. Follow as many people as you want. Everyone’s followers are kept secret. Your profile, however, is not kept secret. Members and non-members can view all profiles and photos. Real life is public and so is our website.

Keep in touch with other members through messaging. Sending a message is free, but reading a message is not. You need to upgrade your membership to read messages from other members. It’s only $10 a month and membership fees keep this website ad-free!



What is 941 Social Club?

941 Social Club is a community of fun mofos who share experiences and share photos. C'mon, just read our tagline.

Wanna just go to a party?

No problem. Buy a ticket and knock your socks off.

Wanna join the club?

Coo. Start by creating a profile with a few photos of yourself. Then go ham at one of our parties. The fun begins as everyone shares photos in the party albums. The more party photos, the more badass.

Why can I only upload 5 photos?

5 photos are all we need to know what you look like. This isn't Where's Waldo.

How can I make my profile private?

You can't. If you don't want someone to see a photo of you, then perhaps you shouldn't put it on the Internet.

Wanna follow someone?

Go ahead. We won't tell. Everyone's followers are kept secret. Why? You know why (wink wink).

Spot a hottie in one of the photos?

It's your lucky day. You can message other members on the website, or, better yet, meet them in real life at the next party.

Why do I need to pay to read messages from club members?

We need the $10 to stay in business. Seriously.

My friend said she is able to read messages for free.

Your friend is a liar.

Why do my photos keep getting shuffled around?

Chronological order is out. Shuffling is in.

Contact Us

We created this club for you. Feel free to share party ideas, site ideas, or funny jokes with us.
(see what we did there? that's funny)
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